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Why your lack of retargeting is costing you customers

Could you be losing out on potential customers?

Retargeting (or remarketing) is the biggest problem for eCommerce businesses, second only to acquiring new customers in the first place.

Imagine putting in all of your energy and resources into acquiring new leads for your business, for them to only leave your site and make a purchase elsewhere.

That is the stark reality for many eCommerce businesses.

Most brands can’t effectively convert the majority of leads coming to their website.

This means that they are wasting resources and leaving a ton of money on the table.

Here is a quick explanation of the problem:

  • Each customer goes through what is known as a “buying journey”. This can be described in different ways such as “stages of awareness” or “customer lifecycle”, but they all fundamentally mean the same thing.

  • During this process, customers are evaluating their needs and the various options for them. As a general rule, the more costly the product, the greater time it takes them to actually make a purchasing decision.

So what does that mean for you?

If you are selling goods or services and the cost ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand (or more), it could take your potential customer weeks to actually make a decision.

The first time they visit your website they aren’t actually going to make a purchase.

It usually takes customers 3 or 4 touchpoints with a brand to make a purchase, more so with more costly products.

Customers need to develop that trust and familiarity with your brand and take the needed time to evaluate you against competitors.

Now imagine you don’t have any way to get these potential customers to come back to your site.

Imagine these potential customers falling out of your marketing funnel, only to forget about your brand and make a purchase elsewhere.

You’re no longer top of mind.

Even if they were interested in your products and are in the buying mindset - if you don’t have a way to keep them in your marketing funnel you’re going to lose them.

And that’s why retargeting strategies with platforms such as Facebook are so important.

They allow you to maximize the number of leads you turn into paying customers, by leveraging their tracking and data tools to ensure every last lead is nurtured.

But retargeting can be quite complicated to set up and manage, which is why we specialize in helping eCommerce brands take advantage of these amazing strategies.

We’re now opening up our service to work with business owners who are serious about increasing their revenue.

Reach out to us directly at to schedule a discovery call where we will dive deep into the needs of your specific business.

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